As the drag queen La Cienega — embraced by the supposedly rough crowd at Jackson with preposterous warmth — Gregory Haney also gets his fair share of ingratiating, sassy-snappy dialogue.
August 1, 2012

But perhaps the biggest diva in this bunch is Gregory Haney, who plays the transgender cheerleader La Cienega with such good will and humor that you'll want him in every scene. (What's wrong with "Bring It On: La Cienega"?)
August 1, 2012

and the “Snap Queen Team” of Tano (Arturo Soria) and Mika (Gregory Haney), throwing shade at passers-by from their perch on a Christopher Street stoop. Fierce and funny, the verbal and attitudinal exchanges swapped by this duo with the formidable Carson


March 14, 2013

The cleverest addition to the roster: a cross-dressing scene-stealer hilariously named La Cienega (played with head-tossing spunk by Gregory Haney).
By: Thom Geier 
August 3, 2012

A special nod goes to Gregory Haney, who plays the show-stopping drag queen cheerleader La Cienega, hilariously named after a major LA thoroughfare. When the buff, dress-wearing Haney is on stage, it's impossible to take your eyes off him.
By: Tanner Stransky
November 13, 2011

Gregory Haney and Arturo Soria bring style to the two flaming clowns they play, and Nathan Lee Graham imparts a great deal of dignity on Carson..

By: Marilyn Stasio

March 10, 2013

Gregory Haney (La Cienega) brings the most laughs and reality from today's true life High Schools in America. Haney has the tightest body, choreography and gives the audience what they want and then some.
August 1, 2012